About us

We seriously step-change the rates at which online services perform.

Breakthrough is a word that's slightly out of fashion, "disruptive innovation" is more the buzz word these days - but whatever you call it - we've been doing it for almost 10 years now.

Paying clients ranging from start-up to financial institutions, from private software house to government departments have variously called us innovators, people who cause breakthrough, "people who make their company stronger", customer centred specialists, change agents and pioneers.

In our latest form, we are Digitalworks Europe, based in Staines, West London with staff operating out of Kansas City, USA and a shared office in Wellington, New Zealand.

Our external mission:

  • Help our clients serve their customers exceptionally well and profitably.

Our internal mission:

  • Invest a minimum of 30% of our profits in other people. Currently, this is split between
    • charities who invest time & energy in people over the long-haul; and
    • supporting new entrepreneurs with either cash injections or by covering some of their start up expenses and providing hands-on consulting, mentoring & training without charge.
  • Create digital apprenticeships where we take on a salaried member of staff who is not yet fully employable in their hired capacity and we develop them - at no cost to them - apart from blood, sweat and tears.

We aim to make a difference in every way we can while continuing to help our customers achieve serious transformational change.

But the key is in genuinely helping the customer. No lip service.

We love helping organisations figure out how to take their product proposition to market in a way that trounces the competition and just sees growth.

We've done it before… we're doing it this year and we can do it for you.

What we do
Illustration of Andrew Lamb, CEO, Digitalworks Europe

CEO and founder, Andrew Lamb, is a formidable evangelist for the end-user, specialising in helping businesses understand what their end-users need, what they actually experience and how to bridge the gap profitably.

This focus on satisfying the needs of the customer has grown out of more than ten years of senior management experience across all web disciplines.

Andrew’s teams have achieved double digit increases in visitors and revenue in financial services, automotive, travel/tourism industries as well as the public sector. His desire is to help companies profit by ‘doing right by the customer’.

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